1) A Man wanted to give arms; he deep his hand into his pocket and brought out #500 note, squeezed it and threw it to the begger thinking he will rush to pick it up since the money was big.
But the begger simply used the stick he was holding and pushed the money away from his front back to the man and said “Oga, come and take your money o! If you no wan give me no give me o! Na so them dey give person money?”
And the man was ashamed of himself for throwing money at the begger.
Some people too when they want to give you something, they will announce it to the public, example is the man who saw the priest in the crowd and shouted; “Father, I dey pity for you o! That one bag of rice still dey o, you no wan come carry am abi!?
Lesson; respect everyone and be humble no matter your position in life. Do not announce your good deeds.
Tuesday; 9th April, 2019.
2) Pretending that you have when you know that you don’t, you are only cutting the blessings of God from yourself.
Those who follows the crowd or friends to do offering and pretends to drop something when they did not are only deceiving themselves. Because is better to stay on your seat, and someone might just ask you; “I have observed that you don’t give offering, anything the matter?” And if you simply tell the person your problem, he just might solve it. For instance you saying; “it’s because I didn’t have a job”
In counseling someone, first feed them with the basics of their needs. For example; one who is hungry for food give him food and the one who is hungry for the word of God feed him the source and basics so that they can listen to you.
Always pray to God to help you or teach you how to handle the situations you find yourself and don’t rush to handle it.
Lesson: be truthful and open minded. And those who used to say “I didn’t go or can’t go to church because I don’t have a good clothing” should stop it go and let God see that you don’t have it and bless you to have it. Be friendly. Accept your present condition and don’t rush to come out of it instead let God guide you.
Wednesday; 10th April, 2019.
3) The Man was by the pool side for 38 years waiting for someone to put him in when ever the spirit steer the water. But Jesus pitied him, and ask if he wanted to get well, instead of him to say yes he went on narrating his problems. And after being healed he showed no appreciation, instead he went to report Jesus.
Many people use to say boastful and violent prayers, example is the Pharisees who exalted himself and the tax collector who humbled himself and went straight to the point by saying: “Lord have mercy on me” in the temple. The Pharisees too should have just say: ‘Thank you Lord for for all your grace, help me to do more’ instead he prayed accusing the tax collector.
Lesson: learn to appreciate little and big things, learn to listen. God can do it to glorify himself whether you are righteous or not. Hence nothing can stop him.
Thursday; 11th April, 2019.


  1. I do trust all the ideas you have offered in your post. They are really convincing and can certainly work. Nonetheless, the posts are very short for novices. May just you please extend them a little from next time? Thank you for the post.

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