If you can’t give it, you can’t get it!

As a wife, humility will open so many doors that words and emotions cannot open. It is therefore important for us women to watch the way we speak to our husband.

No man can take disrespect!
Not even your brother, son or work colleague… so long the person is a man.

A man will lean naturally to a woman that respects him. A woman however, will lean naturally to someone that listen to her and pay attention to her emotional needs.

No wonder the bible says: Husband love your wife! Wife submits to your Husband! Both are interwoven, A husband that is not respected by his wife cannot love her wholeheartedly and a woman that does not feel loved by her husband cannot respect her husband neither.

Civilisation asides, Women liberation asides…
If you desire to be happily married as a man, you must be prepare to love and take good care of your wife.
As a woman, you must be ready to submit to your husband. It is one of the basic principles of marriage that has to be observed regardless of any race or religion you belong to.

Prayers can’t change it, if you must pray for a happy home, play your ROLE as a man or as a woman…. Until then, your prayer may just be like a noise in God’s ear.

By Evniola Abiodun #Ennycity

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