This was in response to an atheist I saw on Facebook who was greatly annoyed with Jehovah and everyone who says good about Him.

Hmmm this topic is getting interested. “He opens his big eyes… ” Joju, I don’t know maybe u have experienced this or have witnessed it or heard it?I use to ask my self questions like this too, ‘Why did God allows bad things to happen?’ I started asking and reading the Bible so as to get understanding. Here are the findings;

in the old testament

1) God created you and I and gave us freedom to choose since we are in his image.

2) there was a rivalry fight between Lucifer and Yahweh. And this results to Lucifer been cast from heaven. Lucifer vows to cause plenty trouble that is happening now.

3) Adam and Eve disobeyed​ it means they prefer to follow Lucifer,  hence u & I freedom to choose. Lucifer the devil or God the Creator.

4) God punishes immediately when you sin. Lucifer does the same to his followers. But in the new testament the case is different, after so many warnings by God trough his Prophets.

a) in the OT, God sent Jesus to reveal the truth.

b) No more immediate punishment, there is room for you to repent since you your self is now your own judge by your conscience until the day of judgement as he said that those who choose God will go to God and those who choose Lucifer will go to Lucifer. Remember freedom to choose.

c) Bad things happening isn’t God’s choice, many are caused by man. God isn’t happy about it.

d) God will come to restore everything back to perfection since we are in a state of imperfection.

e) God love you and want you to be safe and happy, but it depends on your choice, in terms of Obedience, faith, hope, believe in him, love of God and neighbor.These are some of my findings, I hope it helps you

I guess I gave a good answer under the spirit’s guide.

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