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I don’t use belt, I don’t use abusive words, I don’t use sex starvation to beat her, I don’t use blow, I don’t use kick. I am a king & married to a queen. Such don’t happen in a palace like ours.

This is the way I ‘beat’ my wife and I am recommending it for all men. The reason why my Queen can’t leave me is because she is enjoying the beating. This is the way I beat her. I beat her by:

*A* – *ASSISTING* HER, and

No woman can die in your hands no matter how many times you beat her in a day as long as you do it the way I do it to my Queen. I know this is the way women will love their husbands to *BEAT* them.

There can’t be divorce or separation if we *BEAT* our wives like this. When you use belt, wire, blow, knife, slap, or any domestic violent means on your wife, you are worthy to be awarded a duplex at Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital or you can go there yourself and tell them to detain you there until you are okay.
For all excellent husbands, follow that syllabus I gave you on how I beat my own Queen daily & go and do likewise.
The joy of your family is my priority.


As a wife, your *BEAUTY* attracts your husband, but your *WISDOM* will continue to keep him! Your *ELEGANCE* catches his *ATTENTION* , but your *INTELLIGENCE* convinces him! *NAGGING* irritates your husband, but your ” *CONSTRUCTIVE SILENCE* ” weakens him! Remember that the “boyish” character in your husband comes out occasionally, but your ability to always handle it, is a sign that you are a *MATURED WIFE* !

Every man has ” *Secret Struggles and Pains* ” including your husband. If you should ever find them out from him, please exhibit the greatest maturity by asking the Originator of your marriage ( *GOD* ), to help you with *USEFUL IDEAS* , that you will suggest to him (your husband)! In the long run, your *KIND WORDS* matter to your husband than your ” *LOOKS* “! So, always invest the *RIGHT WORDS* ! Earn your husband’s respect and he will consider you as the yardstick for all his actions! Learn to mould your husband’s moods, and he will naturally give you his ” *FUTURE* ” as he recalls your maturity in handling past issues!

Note that WOMEN are everywhere, but *REAL WIVES* are scarce. Let the *QUEEN* in you come alive, and your husband will always hold you in a very *HIGH ESTEEM!*

Please Share this to every couple or single you know, so that we will together make the ” *BEST* *MARRIAGES* ” in our society at large! I just did my own part!

God help us!



I spoiled mine too.

My dear married sister. There is no happiness in this world than being married with a pious partner.

Always say thank you Lord for such a darling husband God has blessed you with.

Appreciate your man’s effort.

Thank him for completing half your deen.
Thank him for making you a wife.
Thank him for making you the queen of his empire.

Tell him you love him.
Tell him he is your happiness .
Tell him he is your king.

He deserves your prayers. So, pray for him.
He needs your love and care.
He needs your companionship.
He needs your warm hug.

Do not forget to wake him up for prayers.
Do not forget to cook his favourite dishes for him.
Do not forget to dress him up as you used to when you were newly married.
Do not forget to satisfy him as ordained and instructed.

And do not forget that he is a human being who is bound to make

So forgive him unconditionally and wholeheartedly.


May God bless all marriages and make it easier for those searching for soul mates..

Friends, let’s humble ourselves to pray for this week!

Glorious God, Beautiful King, Excellent God: we bow before Your throne this moment, to worship and ascribe all glory, honor & adoration unto You.

Your victorious hand sustained us not because we are better than others but because You are a compassionate God.

Daddy, here comes a new week. Anoint our spiritual eyes & ears that we may hear & see Your leadings iJn.

Do that which no man can do for us that our TRUST & FAITH in You will not be in vain in Jesus mighty name we’ve asked, amen. 🙏🙏🙏

While waiting in line at the grocery store one night, I overheard a man venting about his millennial employees.

“Their minds are always elsewhere,” he said as his wife nodded in agreement. “They’re entitled, disengaged, lazy and hard to manage.”

As a Gen X’er, I’ve heard just about every millennial stereotype imaginable. But as a therapist who has been working with millennials(they make up 90% of my patients) for more than than five years, I’ve actually found them to be a highly intelligent, idealistic, diverse and ambitious bunch.

Like any other generation, millennials have a lot of issues to work through. But I had to agree with the guy ― to an extent: Most millennials do struggle at work.

Each and every one of my millennial patients has at one point said to me: “I hate my job.” (It always makes me think of Johnny Paycheck’s classic hit “Take This Job and Shove It.”)

Why young people hate their jobs

Millennials dominate the workforce, but according to a 2016 Gallup poll, 71% of them aren’t engaged at work ― and at least 60% are open to new job opportunities.

Gallup’s research, which combined 30 separate studies and data from more than 1 million respondents, found that the millennial workforce is predominantly checked out.

“They aren’t putting energy or passion into their jobs,” according to Gallup’s researchers. “They’re indifferent about work and simply show up just to put in the hours.”

There are many potential reasons as to why millennial work engagement is so low, but there are some of the biggest ones:

  • Unrealistically high expectations of what their day-to-day work lives would be like
  • Impatience and frustration because they want career advancement in months vs. years
  • Social media overload, which can create a distorted reality where everyone else seems to have an amazing life
  • Employers who aren’t providing new opportunities or compelling reasons for them to stick around

Losing the ‘I hate my job’ mentality

Not everyone hates their jobs for the same reasons. Maybe they work in a toxic work culture or there’s a lack of positive reinforcement from management.

But based on my experience working with hundreds of millennial patients, the biggest reason is that the realities of the workplace didn’t match their expectations. If you’re a millennial who falls under this category, here’s my advice:

1. Stop saying, “I hate my job”

Almost everyone I know, regardless of their generation, has worked a job they hated. It’s essentially a right of passage into adulthood.I can’t stress enough the importance of cultivating and prioritizing strong and healthy relationships.

But complaining won’t get you anywhere. So instead of saying, “I hate my job,” challenge yourself to dig deeper into what exactly it is about your job that makes you unhappy. Maybe you’re upset you didn’t get a promotion or maybe you feel you’re too advanced for the responsibilities you’ve been given.

Once you identify your reasons, ask yourself: What is within my control to change?

If you didn’t get that promotion, why not ask your boss what it’ll take to get it? If you think you’re ready to take on bigger challenges, why not take initiative on other tasks to prove you can add even more value to the company?

2. Lower your expectations, raise your standards

Expectations and standards are not the same. Let’s differentiate:

  • An expectation is a person’s strong belief that something will or won’t happen. Because it’s more fictitious than factual, it can often lead to disappointment when the anticipated result isn’t achieved. It’s important to remember that expectations are beliefs, not facts.
  • A person’s standard, on the other hand, is a level of quality that they’re willing to accept as the norm. It becomes their foundation of judgment. Standards are rooted in facts, data or patterns, and can create a framework for making decisions that are consistent with one’s values.

In order to balance the two, work on holding your standards in a high place, while not expecting those standards to be met 100% of the time. It’s all about control ― and in this case, the only things within your control are the standards you set for yourself and for those around you.

3. Weigh your options and be patient

Millennials are widely known for prioritizing purpose over paycheckwhen it comes to choosing a job, which is indeed admirable.

But before you decide to quit and start applying to different jobs, take some time to figure out what you really value and what kind of impact you want to have.Almost everyone I know, regardless of their generation, has worked a job they hated. It’s a right of passage into adulthood.

Once you start to understand the things that truly matter to you, it’ll be easier to find a job that fits you best. Also keep in mind that you’re not going to land your dream job right away.

Successful people focus on what they can learn from their current role and how the skills and experience they take away can attract bigger opportunities. Patience is key, and it’ll likely be years before you can proudly say, “I love my job.”

4. Be kind to yourself

Two things not to do when you job makes you feel angry, stressed or frustrated:

  1. Internalize them
  2. Turn to social media for comfort

Instead, reach out to your friends, family, co-workers, mentors or even a therapist for support. I can’t stress enough the importance of cultivating and prioritizing strong and healthy relationships. Reaching out to people who genuinely care and will listen to you is one of the most effective ways to cope with stress.


Tess Brigham is a San Francisco-based psychotherapist and certified life coach. She has more than 10 years of experience in the field and primarily works with millennials and parents of millennials.

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Dear Colleagues most especially the very young ones among us, please read this story of Obi and Odu, and honestly appraise yourself as to which one of them you belong?

Obi and Odu joined a company together a few months after their one year call to national service (NYSC). After a few years of work, their Manager promoted Obi to a position of Senior Sales Manager, but Odu remained in his entry level, Junior Sales Officer position.

Odu developed a sense of jealousy and disgruntlement, but continued working anyway. One day, Odu felt that he could not work with the Company anymore. So he wrote his resignation letter, but before he submitted it to the Manager, he complained during his pre-exit interview that Management did not value hard working staff, but promoted only the favored ones!

The Manager knew that Odu worked very hard for the years he had spent at the company; and sometimes even harder than Obi. Why would Odu not therefore deserve a promotion? So in order to help Odu to realize and appreciate what was responsible for his standstill, the Manager gave him a task – “Go and find out if anyone is selling Water Melon in town?”

Odu returned and said, “yes there is someone!” The Manager asked, “how much per Kg?” Odu drove back to town to ask and then returned to inform the Manager; “they are N100.00 per Kg!”. The Manager asked further – ‘’ How fresh are the water melons? Obi asked for permission to rush back to the market to come back with this information. But the Manger asked him not to bother. The Manager then told Odu, “I will give Obi the same task that I gave you.”

So the Manager said to Obi, in the presence of Odu; “Go and find out if anyone is selling water melons in town?” Obi went to find out and on his return he said: “Manager, there is only one person selling water melons in the whole town. The cost is N500.00 for each water melon and N300,00 for a half melon. He sells them at N100.00 per kg when sliced. He has in his stock 93 melons, each one weighing about 7kg. He has a farm and can supply us with melons for the next 4 months at a rate of 102 melons per day at N350.00 per melon; this includes delivery. The melons appear fresh and red with good quality, and they taste better than the ones we sold last year. The Seller has his own slicing machine and is willing to slice for us free of charge. We need to strike a deal with him before 10am tomorrow and we will be sure of beating last year’s profits in melons by over N2,300,000.00.  This will contribute positively to our overall performance as it will add a minimum of 8.78% to our current overall sales target. I have put this information down in writing and is available on spreadsheet. Please let me know if you need it as I can send it to you in 15 minutes.” ‘’I can’t wait for your approval so we can hit the ground running’’

Odu himself could see the difference between himself and Obi. He was honest to himself without being petty. So he decided not to resign but to learn from Obi and grow.

So dear Colleagues, as we move in this second half of the year, let this story help us keep in mind the importance of going an Extra Mile in all our endeavors. Note that you won’t be rewarded for doing what you’re meant to do, you only get a salary for that! YOU’RE ONLY ​REWARDED​ FOR GOING AN EXTRA MILE; Performing Beyond Expectations. 

This simply means that for you to be spotted and successful in your career, you have to render exceptional commitment and service.  you must be keenly Observant, Proactive, Loyal and Willing to Do More. You must Go Beyond The Call Of Duty.


Best of regards

Akpors and The Principal!

Akpors was caught red handed by his principal writing “MAY GOD PUNISH MY PRINCIPAL”

PRINCIPAL: What nonsense are you writing? [about to Slap Akpors].

AKPORS: Sir, I have not finished writing it.

PRINCIPAL: [angry] What do you mean. You are insulting me and you are telling me that you have not finished?

AKPORS: This is not what I want to write.

PRINCIPAL: So what did you want to write?



Folks, let’s bow our heads in prayer!

In Jesus name, Everlasting King of Glory, we humble ourselves before You in appreciation of Your good deeds to us from last week ’till today. Daddy receive all the glory. As our faces, complexion & sizes are different, so also are our needs & heart desires. Our hope & confidence are on You Lord! We may not know the exact time you will answer us or how You will do it, but one thing we know is that… there’s nothing impossible for You to do! Hence Father, as many of our families & friends as are expectant one miracle or another this week: money for house rent, healing from sickness, deliverance from shackles of the enemy, approval of business proposals, a new job, success in their exams, safe delivery of a loved one, safe trip for those traveling, & provision of daily bread. Oh God of heaven and earth, answer all iJn. Thank You Lord in advance for all You’ll do for us this New Week in Jesus mighty name. Aaaamen